Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit before taking class?
No, you don’t! We’re a state-certified driving school, so you won’t need any sort of license or permit to get started.
Once you’ve passed the written test we’ll issue you a temporary permit that allows you to practice driving with licensed adults that are 21 or older.

How old do I need to be to take class?
Students must be 14 in order to take class as required by the state of Kansas. Driving school isn’t just for teens though; we welcome any student that’s at least 14.

I’m ready to take class, how do I start?
Great! You can go back to the homepage and click on the class you’d like to enroll in. Once you’ve submitted the registration form, it’ll take you to an appointment scheduler.
Registration appointments are required before class, so the student can fill out the necessary state paperwork. Students must attend the appointment and parents must attend for students under the age of 18. You’ll need to bring identification and proofs of address, so check your email after you register to make sure you have the correct documentation before you come.
There’s a $25 registration fee due at the time of registration, but that will be part of your total tuition payment, not an additional fee. You can pay your tuition online with a credit card using the Paypal buttons toward the bottom of the homepage or at your registration appointment with cash or check. If you need to pay with credit card, but you need the amount adjusted due to a registration fee, scholarship adjustment, or multiple tuition payments, please let us know at your registration appointment.
If you have any questions, give us a call at 316-806-5300.

What is the process to getting my license?
Driver’s education includes 8 hours of classroom instruction, followed by 6 hours of driving. After the classroom instruction, you’ll be given the written test. Once you’ve passed that, you will receive a temporary permit from us that allows you to practice driving with licensed adults that are 21 or over.
Students who are 14, or students who are 15 and 16 and have not yet had an instructional permit can go to the DMV after the written test to get their instructional permit.
If you have held an instructional permit for a year or are at least 17 years old, you’ll need to wait to go to the DMV until after your driving instruction is complete.
About 2-4 weeks after class, a driving instructor will reach out to schedule driving sessions with you. There are typically 3 sessions of 2 hours each for a total of 6 hours. As you drive, you’ll learn and demonstrate specific driving skills. Your instructor will be marking off these skills as you successfully complete them. Once you’ve passed them all and have driven 6 hours, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from your instructor. You can take this to the DMV to indicate that you’ve passed both the written test and the driving test at our driving school. For more information about the driver’s education process, visit our Driver’s Education Process page.

What kind of test do I have to take?
There are 2 tests: a written test and a driving test.
The written test is given after the classroom instruction portion of class. The test must be taken in person, so our students who take class in person usually take the test at the end of class. Students who took class online will schedule a time to come in after class to take the written test, usually on the Monday or Tuesday after class. When you’re at the classroom for your registration appointment, we’ll schedule your test appointment.
The test is available in other languages as well. If you would prefer to take the test in another language, please let us know at your registration appointment so we can check language availability. If you need an interpreter and do not have access to one, please let us know and we’ll do our best to connect you to one.
If you have a learning disability or cannot read, and need assistance, please let us know at your registration appointment or by calling 316-806-5300.
The driving test is given by the driving instructor. Instead of giving the test all at once, our driving instructors mark specific skills on the test as you learn and demonstrate them correctly. Once you’ve successfully passed all of the skills and have driven 6 hours, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that you can take to the DMV to show that you’ve passed both the written and driving tests. Occasionally, students require more than 6 hours of instruction to successfully pass. Additional instruction is available at an additional cost. While we do our best to set every student up for success, we cannot guarantee that a student will pass the required tests.

Will you give me a license when I’m done with class?
Only the state of Kansas can issue Kansas driver’s licenses. You’ll need to make an appointment at the Kansas DMV in order to get your license. Once you’ve passed both the written test and driving test at our driving school, we’ll give you a certificate of completion to take with you to the DMV. The Driver’s License Quick Information page has all of the info about when in the process you should make your DMV appointment, how to make your appointment, and what to bring with you when you go.

Do I come to the classroom for my driving appointments?
There’s no need to come to the classroom unless you prefer to meet your driving instructor here. Our drivers will pick you up at home, school, or wherever you are to start your driving session. If you prefer to meet somewhere other than your home, please let your instructor know. For students who live outside of our service area, please plan on meeting your instructor at a pre-arranged location.