Online Instruction

If you prefer to take class online or need to use an interpreter during class, we offer class in a live online format in addition to our classroom.

How does it work?

If you choose the online format, class will meet via Zoom, a video conferencing app that allows us to meet virtually. You can log in using a computer or smartphone and you don’t need to have a Zoom account to participate. During class, you’ll be able to hear and see the instructor and other class participants and ask or answer questions.
We’ll also use Kahoot! an interactive quiz game that you can use to answer questions and test your knowledge throughout class.
Class will take place in two 4-hour segments with a 5 minute break at the end of each hour. We’ll meet from 8am-4pm on Saturday.

We ask that you still register for class as normal. You can find our registration page here. During registration, you’ll set up a time to come in and fill out additional paperwork, take the required vision test, and pick up the booklet you’ll need for class. If you’d like to pay with a check, you can bring it with you then. To pay online, click the applicable tuition link here.
If you do not receive an email from us within a few days of registering for class, please check your spam folder and call us at 316-448-2072 if you still have not received anything.
When we get closer to the class date, an email with the link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to you.

Written Test:
After both segments of the video class are complete, we’ll schedule a time for you to come in and take the written test. We’ll limit the group size during testing to ensure that social distancing guidelines are still met. If you’d like to practice for the written test, you can take our practice test here as many times as you’d like.

If you have questions about the new online format, feel free to contact us at info@yostdrivingschool.com or 316-448-2072.