Meet Our Instructors

Kendall Hope

Kendall is a retired Wichita Firefighter, US Army Veteran, and experienced driving instructor.

He has 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Kendall enjoys coaching basketball and is a lifelong Nebraska sports fan.

Kendall’s tip for new drivers:

Don’t take driving for granted.

Don McKewon

Don is a retired high school teacher and has been a driving school instructor in a number of school districts.
He has 4 children and 2 grandchildren and likes to go white water rafting in Colorado.

Don loves to watch sports, lift weights, and play pool.

Don’s tip for new drivers:

Prepare to stop sooner, not later.

Daniel Smith

Daniel is the father of 6 and a sales rep for a local printing company.
He is a WSU basketball fan and likes taking fishing trips to South Dakota.

Daniel finds the most challenging skill for new drivers is the habit of changing lanes safely.

Daniel’s tip for new drivers:

Practice, practice, practice.

Kevin Thames

 Kevin is a math and science teacher at Classical School in east Wichita.
He has 3 children, and was born in Houston, TX.  

Kevin is passionate about fountain pens, and loves to play the bagpipes!

Kevin’s tip for new drivers:

Don’t forget to check the oil!

Owen Sigley

Owen is a Wichita Firefighter and father of two. He plays golf and practices Jiu Jitsu, and enjoys hunting and fishing.

Ask Owen about the time he played catch with a Cheetah!

Owen’s tip for new drivers:

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

John Speer

John is the Mayor of Kechi, KS, a lifelong Wichita area resident and was previously a radio DJ and school teacher.  

He has 5 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 dogs. John loves helping new drivers grow in their confidence on the road.

John’s tip for new drivers:

Stay Alert.

Carol Khol

Carol is a retired Wichita teacher, where she taught mostly Spanish!
Carol is a mother of 8 sons and likes to spend her time playing pickleball.

Ask Carol about the time she went skydiving!

Carol’s tip for new drivers:

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Mark Gale

Mark is a father of 3, and grandfather of 3. He enjoys photography, playing the guitar and jigsaw puzzles!  

He is a fan of soccer, baseball and golf, and hopes to help teach his students to ignore distractions while driving.

Daniel’s tip for new drivers:

Take your time, don’t be rushed.