Our Story

Our roots are here in downtown Wichita along with our main office.  We have been in the automotive industry for over 30 years and know vehicles and the many people who drive them.  Over the years we have had the wonderful opportunity to create friendships within the community and our desire is to see these friendships continue to grow as we grow. 

Yost Auto Sales has been faithfully serving Wichita for nearly eight years and we now find ourselves supplying the children of our loyal customers with their first car! After many requests, we decided to expand our service and offer a safe and reliable driver’s education program. We completed the rigorous process of becoming a certified driving school and opened our doors in 2019. Our hope is that we can equip your new driver to confidently handle the many situations that arise while driving and emphasize their role in building a safe community.

Our mission is to serve students and their families by providing effective drivers training in a safe and comfortable environment.  We understand the magnitude of this task and will strive to equip all students with the necessary knowledge and experience to become confident drivers.