The Driver’s Education Process

Here is a break down of the driver’s ed process in general.  Please reach out if you have any other questions that aren’t answered below.

1. Students are required to attend all 8 hours of classroom instruction.

2. Following the successful completion of classroom hours and a passing score on the written test, Yost Driving School will issue a DE-99 to each student. This is not a permit but will serve as a document that enables students to practice driving for the duration of their time with Yost Driving School.

Sample written test

The DE-99 also serves as documentation for the DMV that the student has passed the written exam. Students age 14-16 who are applying for their instruction permit only can take this form to the DMV office to receive their instruction permit before completing the driving portion of class.
For students applying for their instruction permit, we recommend making an appointment at a DMV office for as soon as possible after your class date. Kansas DMV locations are currently offering walk in service or appointments, but making an appointment might reduce your wait time.
To make an appointment at a DMV in Wichita, Andover, or Derby, click here. To make an appointment at the Newton DMV click here. Kansas residents can utilize any DMV office in Kansas, regardless of county.

Students age 17+, or students age 15-16 who have already held their instruction permit for a year, who are applying for a restricted license or a non-restricted license, will need a DE-99 and a certificate of completion to show that they have passed the driving tests as well. Please wait to schedule your DMV appointment until your driving instruction begins. Once your appointment is made, be sure to tell your driving instructor.

3. There is a 6-hour requirement for behind-the-wheel instruction.  A certified instructor will contact you within a week of classroom completion in order to schedule driving sessions.  Sessions are typically conducted in 2 hour increments and instructors will pick students up from their homes. Read more about our behind the wheel driving instruction.

4. Upon successful completion of behind-the-wheel lessons, students will be issued a Certificate of Completion from Yost Driving School.  This document can then be taken to the DMV to obtain the license appropriate for your student based on where they are in the Kansas graduated licensing process. 

5. View quick information about the DMV offices, different permits and requirements or visit the State of Kansas teen driving website for more information regarding the licensing process for teens in the state of Kansas.

Thank you for choosing Yost Driving School!  Please let us know if you have any questions.