What to expect on class day

Class Starts at 8 am

Try to arrive by 7:45 so we can begin right at 8. Grab a donut and a seat and we'll get started! We'll have text books and pencils, but feel free to bring a notebook if you want to take notes.
Driver's Education requires 8 hours of class, so plan to stay for the whole class.

We'll break for lunch

Pizza is provided, but feel free to bring your own lunch if you want, or if you have dietary restrictions.

At the end of class you'll take your written test

Our class prepares you well for the test, but if you can also take practice tests on our website if you want.

We'll issue you a temporary permit

Once you pass your written test, we'll issue you a temporary permit that allows you to start practicing with a licensed adult that's 21 or older.

At this point, you're ready for driving instruction.

A few weeks after class, a driving instructor will reach out to schedule driving appointments with you.
You'll drive for 6 hours total, usually in 3 separate appointments of 2 hours each.
In the meantime, feel free to practice with your parents or another licensed adult with your temporary permit or instruction license.
Click the car to get to know our driving instructors!