I Got My Certificate of Completion! What’s Next?

A driving instructor is smiling and writing notes in the passenger seat, while a driving student is smiling in the driver's seat.

Congratulations on successfully passing driver’s education and earning the Certificate of Completion! Keep reading to find out what you do with your certificate.

If you are 14-16 years old and either just got your learner’s permit, or had your learner’s permit prior to class:

Put this certificate in a safe place! You are going to hold on to this until your learner’s permit expires. Then, after you’ve held that perimit for the required 12 months, you can take it back to the DMV to get your restricted license.

If you are 17 or older:

You can take your certificate to the DMV right away to get your full license!

When you do go to the DMV, be sure to bring your social security card, your birth certificate or passport, and 2 proofs of address. Also be sure to wear your glasses or contacts if you need to; they will retest your eyes!

If you lose your certificate of completion, just give us a call! We can reprint it for you for a $10 reprint fee.